Is life a hectic string of events happening in autopilot?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, rushing around trying to get things done that you are just going through the motions and there must be more to life?

The good news is you are not alone, we live in a frantic world but there is something you can do about it.

Learning to be more mindful can help you to come off autopilot by taking a step back and becoming more aware of what is happening around you and inside you. It can do so much good for your wellbeing and have a positive impact in all areas of life from the way you eat or walk to your relationships at work or home and with yourself.

Mindfulness will help you to get so much more out of each day by stopping you worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. When you are able to live moment-to-moment without worry or anxiety you will make space for more joy and calm in your life; which opens up doors for mental clarity, creativity and focus.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness sunsetMindfulness originates in ancient Buddhist meditation practices. Dr Jon Kabat-Zin, introduced modern day mindfulness in the late 1970s at the Stress Reduction Clinic, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Since then over 18,000 people have completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme to help with conditions as diverse as chronic pain, heart disease, anxiety, psoriosis, sleep problems and depression.

Mindfulness has taken the world by storm, it’s been embraced by celebrities, business leaders, politicians, schools and athletes.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends mindfulness as a “treatment of choice” for recurrent depression. The NHS also recommends it for eating disorders and mental health.

Even Apps and bestselling books are touting the benefits of meditation. Try Googling “mindfulness” and you’ll get over 24 million hits.

How can I get mindful?

Mita can offer mindfulness sessions one to one or in small groups at her clinic, your workplace, your school or your event.

During these sessions she will introduce you to the basic principles of mindfulness with guided exercises. You will experience mindfulness first hand and have the tools to apply it to different areas of your daily life at home, work and at school. If you are a school or workplace please contact Mita directly to discuss your requirements as she offers a variety of options.


What people are saying about The Power of Mindfulness program created by Mita


“The Power of Mindfulness program is really well written. I’ve had a lot of work stress at the moment as do most GPs and moving abroad in July. I needed to regain control and find a sense of calm. I’ve started to use the techniques from my daily practice when I find myself getting worked up. Thanks for introducing me to this. I’ve wanted to practice mindfulness and learn more but never had the time to attend groups or classes or motivate myself to read a book on it. I recommend it to my patients all the time. This is an easy way to learn these fantastic concepts and exercises”.

Dr Parmar, GP, Bristol

A very well created program, I have stuck to. Mindfulness meditation compliments other personal growth and development practices to provide a holistic vehicle to bringing about health success and happiness outcomes.

Raman, Director & Strategy Consultant, Bristol


After spending a number of months under a black cloud following a miscarriage I was willing to explore any alternatives to help me move forward. I was completely stuck.


Mita introduced me to the concept of ‘mindfulness’. Such a simple concept which struck a real chord with me. Since my miscarriage I had either lived in the past asking ‘why me’, which left me feeling depressed or in obsessive thought about what my future my look like, which created a feeling of anxiety.


I use the audio every night before going to sleep. It stops my thoughts going into overdrive, keeping my mind focused and clear. Mita’ s voice is soothing and the content achieves a fantastic balance between offering guidance on the exercise whilst also allowing me to relax.


With the help of the mindfulness program I am living in the present. This year was the first time I have stopped and looked at the beauty Autumn brings, all because Mindfulness has reminded me to relish & be grateful for the things around me in the here & now. Thank you.

A Heath, Coventry

I am on Day 15 of 28 and I am feeling more calm and relaxed and worrying less about my GCSE exams. I was very worried and was getting tummy upset or pains a few times a week. I have noticed that I am sleeping better and less tired when I wake up. I am feeling happier and brighter in myself too.

The course is really easy to understand and follow. I have a daily reminder to practice, so I practice everyday as part of my bedtime routine. I would recommend this course to anyone who is worried about anything.

I visited Mita for an initial chat, she helped me look at my lifestyle, eating patterns and diet. I am now eating better and regularly as well as drinking more water instead of sugary drinks all of which is giving me more energy and my stomach pains have gone.

Meg, Age 15,  Aylesford School, Warwick

I have just completed my mindfulness journey and it has helped my inner self massively. I’m a busy working mum, pharmacist and business owner who always felt stressed and overwhelmed and following this programme has changed all that for me. I have learned to manage my time better and have a sense of calmness all the time. I am able to focus on the important things rather than wasting time on worrying what’s not done! It’s allowed me to have more productive days and everything just naturally fell into place for me without me even thinking about it. It’s all about living each day in the moment and letting negative thoughts drift away. And I have learned to master that. Thank you so so much Mita you are amazing.

 Nadia, Pharmacist, Cambridge

I use the program twice a day at times when I’m faced with a difficult situation as I am more calmer and content and I’m able to block out any negativity. It’s an amazing program so I have also recommended it to my friends. It’s easy to follow and it’s helped me massively. I’ve even noticed that my confidence with people is better.

Sarah, Teacher, Wales

Since I have been having acupuncture treatment and mindfulness coaching, I feel as though it’s peeled back negative feelings to show the real me again but a better, more focussed, confident and go getting for life, opportunities and ideas. Physically I have more energy, I’m less tired because I’m finally sleeping better and feel excited about the day on waking rather than anxious. I feel like I’m living not just existing.

Mel, Business Owner & Mother, Nuneaton

As the president of a global fashion startup, I am currently commuting between countries on a weekly basis. A typical week consists of rushing between airports, offices, supplier meetings, factories and hotels.


Daily I am managing multiple people, projects, task-lists and web browsers. I am a multi tasker and find it almost impossible to concentrate on any one task at a time. 28 days ago I felt tired, stressed and like a bad clothing sample, coming apart at the seams. Work/life balance doesn’t apply in a startup – period. I read somewhere that balanced living is for the superhuman and the self-employed, unfortunately I am neither!


Although I have had ‘get centered’ on my task-list for sometime now, like many people I had many preconceptions about meditation. I can barely get up for early morning flights so it was highly unlikely that I was going to get up at dawn to meditate for an hour everyday.Thankfully, this program sets the story straight on this topic, and having completed it, I truly believe it to be a very powerful tool for people from all walks of life.


The program is very intuitive to the stresses of modern life and the daily themes provide insightful and valuable teachings on how to apply mindfulness to all aspects of life. I found the guided sessions easy to follow, therapeutic and great for unwinding after a hectic day.


I was surprised at how quickly I started to feel the effects. By Day 10 I was already falling asleep minutes after the meditations. (I usually toss and turn for up to an hour before finally falling asleep) 28 days later my mind feels calmer, clearer, less reactive to stress, and more in-tune with my body.


At work I find myself taking more time with tasks, being more considered with my approach, and delegating and communicating more effectively. I am more mindful in meetings, listening more, responding slower, and the solutions and outputs from each meeting are much more lucrative. My lists are getting shorter and I am actually getting things done. My bigger goals are more channeled and feel more achievable too.


I used to get wound-up by daily traffic jams and spend entire taxi journeys watching the clock (and the meter) tick away. Mindfulness has helped me to take a step back, put things into perspective and ground myself in the present moment. I am making a mindful decision to let go in situations that are out of my control, and breathe. If I’m not going to get anywhere faster by huffing and puffing, I may as well sit back and enjoy the view.


I still have a long way to go, but I feel more knowledgeable, positive, centered, and ultimately more mindful then I did 28 days ago. The Power of Mindfulness is a must for 2016, thank you Mita.

Megs, Singapore


I thoroughly enjoyed and loved this course. I look forward to my ten minutes of quiet reading, reflection and meditation everyday. The lessons are easy to slot into my day, though it took me a bit of trial and error to find the time of day where I was most receptive – I’m sure this will vary from person to person.


The first week covered the ‘basics’ and core principles before going into week two which extends further and introduces new meditations and practical exercises. My mind wandered a lot, and it did feel a bit strange at first, I trusted and followed the guidance to keep practicing.


I have noticed that now I look at situations and problems differently. I am starting to pause more, breathe and focus before undertaking any tasks (at work or home) and generally being more mindful and present in the moment. I am also tuning into my body’s signals and respond to its signals and needs better than before.


I am going to carry on with daily practice and hoping there will be further courses Mita delivers. I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from incorporating mindfulness into their lives so yes, I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you Mita for making this accessible to me.

 R. Moorthy, Rugby

I woke up feeling stressed and anxious after an hour yesterday that left me feeling completely out of control. I fell upon the Mindfulness program and quickly signed up and did Day 1, I’m feeling relaxed and a bit more in control now.

N Rees, Pontardulais

I’m on Day 4  of the programme and so far really good. I feel more relaxed about going to work without feeling stressed! Thank you.

N Ahmed, Cambridge


I’m on Day 7 and I feel content. I’m not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. I’m enjoying today and everything it has to offer. It may sound crazy but I’m just happy with what I have and enjoying the time I have now.

 C Adams, Wales


I was feeling very bogged down by life and a million thoughts buzzing through my mind for being a mum, daughter, wife and business owner. Like everyone, I have issues to deal with, mine is grief from two close sudden passings. I have always been open to helping myself through alternative therapies and so when chatting with Mita about exploring mindfulness and how it could help me I was very enthusiastic to learn more.


Mindfulness at first gave me ten whole minutes to myself, to breath and clear my thoughts which could be done at any point in my day that I knew I could afford to myself every day. Continuing committing to 10 minutes every day to mindfulness allows me to relax and consider my thoughts effectively meaning I have been able to achieve much more in my day. My focus on where I am headed in life & business was regained and where musts like food shopping, sorting children to their activities, cooking are now achieved without over thinking and complicating more demanding tasks.


After 28 days, life is enjoyable again as I am much more aware of myself as a mum, wife, daughter, & business owner. I find I smile because I can not because I should. My perspective is much clearer which allows me to live and achieve effectively. I am very grateful that this program was accessible to me and I encourage everyone to gift themselves 10 minutes a day.

L. Hern, Wales

I just finished Day 2 and I am feeling very relaxed and for once I actually concentrated when my mind was wandering. I will be doing this in the morning to help me set up clear focus and concentration for the day. I have been feeling anxious of late so this is just what I have been looking for to help me relax. Thank you Mita.

R Morar, London

I’m on day 4 and so far I’m really good. After some stressful months I feel more relaxed and I’m going to work without feeling stressed! Thank you.

N Ahmed, Cambridge

Wow I feel so relaxed! I have just done day 3 and it made me tune into my body and realise how achy I was from training today just by focusing on my body.

F. Hackett, Kenilworth



I am finding the program really helpful both the content is easy to understand and the audios with a really calming voice. I have had some time off work for stress so this program is really helping me manage it and after doing the exercise on Day 3 my headache has subsided.

U Lad, London



I’ve now completed 18 days of this mindfulness program. If like me, you’ve heard a lot of people talking about the seemingly abstract concept of ‘mindfulness’ and being told you should ‘be mindful’, but have no idea HOW to apply it in real life, this course could be the right first step for you!


The daily ‘lessons’ and practices are well written by Mita in a manner which is very easy to understand. There are also fascinating scientific links and videos which I personally found invaluable in explaining mindfulness and its physiological benefits. The guided meditations are also very calming and relaxing – I have been doing them at bedtime and been sleeping like a baby! It does take practice, but accepting that without judging yourself is all (I’m learning) part of the process.


I’m looking forward to progressing through the rest of the program and discovering how something I previously thought was inaccessible can now be incorporated practically in my life.

R. Moorthy, Rugby

It was my first time having acupuncture. It wasn’t painful at all as I imagined in fact I felt relaxed during and after the sessions. Mita’s acupuncture is complemented with her mindfulness program which really helped me just be and follow my goals.  I highly recommend Mita for all she does. Thank you.

Miray, Gaydon

What’s the evidence that it works?

A growing number of scientific studies are showing the benefits of mindfulness in many aspects of our lives including our physical and mental well-being, our relationships and our performance at school and at work.

Here’s what mindfulness can do for you.

Evidence supports health benefits of ‘mindfulness-based practices’

Mindful leadership

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